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Christmas story

It was a Christmas night. Majority of people was at their homes, with families. Singing carols and just being happy. Molly wasn’t one of them. At this point she was crawling trough the vent system of the nearby bank. She was executing a six months plan. Plan that will make one of her dreams a reality.

Molly was an ordinary girl, slightly smarter than the average, but not enough to get a scholarship in some fancy university. So she had to work two jobs just to finance her education. And she always wanted to have a car. Not any in particular or some expensive model. Just a car. That would make her life much easier. But there was no way she would be able to get it any time soon. Not with her salary. And this was a flawless plan.

She didn’t have to break any safes because she didn’t need an enormous amounts of money. She needed only a couple of thousands. And thats the amount she could get from the charity box in the middle of the central hall. The fact that she's gonna steal charity money bothered her for a while but then she found out that it was insured and that put her conscience to sleep. Anyway she invested a way too much into this plan to back off now. So, there she was. Standing in front of a giant glass bowl full of money. She reached for it when suddenly somebody coughed behind her. She quickly turned around and saw an old man. Probably a guard. That was strange since she was sure this bank didn't have guards. Bank should have been secured only by alarms and she had successfully bypassed all of them. And still there was a guard. Old, fat, bearded guard. She was doomed. She didn't bring any weapons and even if she did she would never be able to hurt anyone. Let alone this poor old fellow who was probably forced to work on Christmas Eve because he really needed the money. She looked at him and he smiled. He said to her: "What now?” She shrugged. He giggled some more:"Would you still be stealing money from orphans, if I promise you that car you always wanted?" She was confused. How come he knew that? He started to laugh. And while laughing he was becoming bigger and bigger. And he started to look like... like a huge Santa. His laughter was overwhelming now. He reached for her with his giant hand saying: "Now, tell me, were you a bad girl this year?” Finally she screamed. Scream woke her up. She was dripping from sweat. A nightmare! Her heart was pounding like crazy. Then she started to laugh. Thank God it was just a dream. But this dream was a warning. She decided to throw away all those months of planning. It just wasn't worth it. She even decided to give some money to charity. She felt ashamed she even considered taking money from orphans. She reached for a lamp on her night stand. As the light filled the room her eyes got a glimpse of something shiny under the small Christmas tree she was holding next to the lamp. She reached for it and when she realized what it was, she froze. She was looking at the car keys...

Author: Željko Mitrović

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